Creating A Good Dissertation About Architecture And Art

There are very exciting topics in architecture and arts that will make very good topics for architecture dissertations. Below are some suggestions and you can look here for more helpful hints:

Architecture topics

  • Aqua house
  • With rising water levels and increasing pollution of the environment as a result of global warming, research into this is most likely right at this time and a good topic for a dissertation. There are various ends to this topic, where one can look at designing shelters that explore that relationship between water and architecture, how practices in modern architecture contribute to water pollution among others. The options are endless and this is surely a mouth-watering topic to write on.

  • Architecture and Urban Intensification
  • The world population is growing very rapidly each year and growth in the urban areas are soaring more than ever. This and many other factors poses serious challenges to architects with respect to the design of housing units in urban areas. This is also a global challenge and should provide some interesting areas to focus attention on and conduct some thorough research.

  • Architecture and Tradition
  • All over the world, countries and cities have their own “architecture traditions”. People had ways of putting up their apartments and some still do live in their traditional homes. This topic will investigate how the study of architecture – its forms, structure, materials, colors, light and space has had an impact on certain civilizations around the world and should help you create a good architectural dissertation.

Art topics

  • The Exploitations in Australian art industry
  • There were reports in the past about issues of unethical practices which were uncovered in the art industry in Australia. Much hasn’t been heard after that and this should be a good topic for discussion and subsequent research for art –inclined researchers.

  • Comic Political Cartoons
  • You’ll find this in most democracies including developing and advanced ones. It has become a way for an artist to articulate their feelings on happenings in their countries. This topic presents an excellent opportunity to help you create a good dissertation about art. Once again, this can be narrowed down to a particular region of the world and substantial research conducted on its impact on the democracy.

  • Contemporary art and Technology
  • Technology has caused art to evolve over time but the truth is, some contemporary artist do not appear to have responded to this technological change and it reflects in their works. Studies can be conducted in this area to comprehend why this is so and if it will have any major bearing on their works in future. Finding some art dissertation examples will help in your endeavor as well.

In sum, architecture and arts hold so many fascinating topics in this regard and this article just highlighted a few interesting ones worth looking at and should help you in creating a good paper about architecture and art.

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