A list of 15 great advertising dissertation topics

Writing a dissertation on advertising is no small feat, much less coming up with a meaningful topic that is not too narrow or too broad or is almost impossible to perform an accurate study on. However, this field covers a wide range of smaller subject areas that can pave the way for enlightening research and still enable you to gather reliable and detailed data. Although some items are still fairly general, they still point in a direction those branches out to more specific subjects. Here are fifteen suggestions that are worth pursuing possible advertising dissertation topics.

  • Social Media and Marketing
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Brand Image
  • Adolescents and Brand Awareness
  • Children as a Target Audience
  • Effectiveness of Pop-ups and Spam
  • The Decline in Print Advertisement
  • The Quality of Advertising versus the Quantity
  • The History of Electronic Advertising
  • The Effect of Advertising on Teens’ Self-Esteem (e.g. popular, more expensive clothing brands)
  • Cultural Awareness in Marketing (Can focus more on specific advertising dissertation topics for particular regions or language groups.)
  • Gender Effect on Marketing of Modes of Transportation
  • Role of Subliminal Advertising in Movies
  • Effectiveness of Brand Alliances Online
  • Health Issues and their Effect on Food Advertising (e.g. “heart smart” or “diabetic friendly.”)

As you can see, there are many avenues to take when selecting a topic for your advertising dissertation. One important point to remember is that the suggestions on this list are not necessarily exclusive of other areas related to marketing. You can actually combine some of these themes together, like the effect of social media marketing and adolescent self-esteem or behavior. Some can actually be narrowed down even further, as in the case of subliminal advertising in the action film genre. (Think regarding cars and motorcycles, for instance.) Ultimately, when formulating ideas on a consumer behavior dissertation, be sure that you have chosen a study that is accessible to you and your team and double check on the shoppers’ habits that you have selected to study are indeed measurable. Furthermore, updating your facts and data will save a lot of stress in backtracking, redoing, or revising. The only case for dated information is a history or analysis of various means of advertising. If keeping these suggestions for topics in mind, along with these other helpful hints, you will be able to compose a very engaging, if not groundbreaking, an academic track that will result in obtaining your Ph.D. Click to learn more.

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