A Collection of Intriguing Topics to Explore in a Theological Dissertation

If you have been given an assignment to write a thesis, at times you may find yourself at a loss as to what theological dissertation topics you can write about. Well, if you click here you will find help on choosing an intriguing theology dissertation topic. One that will make all the difference and pull you out of mediocrity.

Theological dissertations can be on various world religions.

  1. You can compare or contrast the principles of the religious faiths of the east and the west.
  2. You can write a thesis of the social beliefs in Japan and how they influenced religion there.
  3. How much Japanese beliefs have changed in the modern world.
  4. What are the lessons that can be drawn from religious conflicts in the Middle East.
  5. The religious conflicts of Sudan.
  6. Contrast and comparison of the pre-dynastic Egyptian religious traditions as compared with the modern day ones.
  7. A project on how all religions teach the same principles and lead to the same end goal.
  8. In Ireland can the Catholics and Protestants live in peace.
  9. Is atheism the new world religion.
  10. What are the religious beliefs in India today as compared to the past century and why are there changes.
  11. What were the religious conflicts which were faced in Elizabethan England and why.
  12. What were the foundations of Islam and how the rituals have and traditions changed over the centuries?.
  13. Did religious ideas or did religious doctrines influence Adolf Hitler.
  14. Is the code of ethics of religions still applicable today.
  15. Do religious beliefs contradict the equality for women.
  16. Is morality the same as religion.
  17. Can military actions be justified by religious ethics.
  18. The existence of life proves the existence of a higher being.
  19. Is divinity a part of nature – as was believed by the Egyptians earlier.
  20. What do Isis and Osiris teach us regarding ancient Egyptian life.
  21. Is the demolition of a religious building an act against God?.
  22. What evidence is there to support that Wiccans can create spells which work.
  23. These are some of the topics and subjects that can be chosen by you which are both intriguing, different and which will capture the attention of the reader from the start.

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